Optional equipment for Tekimex vehicle interiors

Tekimex’ vehicle interiors can be supplemented with various optional equipment
Bilinventar - spændesystem - holdestang - bakker
The Tekimex module system for vehicle interiors is flexible and can be adapted to any commercial vehicle. The optional equipment makes it easy to keep order and control.

Holdestang til at holde plader i glarmesterbilen The retaining rod can be positioned up to 600 mm from the front of vehicle inventory and is suitable for holding glass sheets, particleboard, windows and doors.
Retaining rods are available in heights: 105, 140, 170 cm
Værktøjskasser til reolen i glarmesterbilen Toolboxes are available in sizes:
L:29 W:10,5 H:15,5 cm
L:41 W:31,2 H:18,5 cm
Værktøjsplade til inventaret i servicevognen A pegboard for the service vehicle provides order and oversight.


The pegboard is available:

In heights 105, 140 or 170 cm
in depths 290 eller 410 mm


As an accessory to the pegboard, a set of tool holders is available
with 15 different parts.

Listehylder ved bilindretningen i servicevognen

Listehylder ved bilindretningen i glarmestervognen