Nomade Glass Lifter

Glass lifter Nomade from Tekimex


The Nomade Glass Lifter can lift, transport and rotate glass and windows which are up to 4.5 metres long and weigh 300 kg.

It is 85 cm wide, 190 cm high and 75 cm long, when it is pushed to its least dimension. It is possible then for it to be operated by only one person.

The Nomade can be extended or pulled out so that it is 200 cm long. You would do that, when it is necessary to handle very big glass panels or plate glass. Then the glass lifter can be used by two persons.

If you need to rotate glass, you can mount it to the rotation element.

Accessories available for the Nomade Glass Lifter:

• Larger and rougher wheels to transport on rough or uneven ground, e.g. in a construction site.

• Holder for windows to mount windows or doors, in situations where it is not possible to use the suction cups.

• Stabilizing wheel, when it is necessary to rotate glass in a room with a low ceiling.

Find an instruction on video explaining how to use the Nomade Glass Lifter, using the following links:

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