About Tekimex

For more than 30 years, Tekimex has produced and sold products to the glass industry – primarily glass carrier racks, storage systems, vehicle interiors, and since 2009, lift equipment for glass and windows.


The home of Tekimex is in Hedehusene, Copenhagen, but we have agents in several parts of Europe. We are contract manufacturers with 1650 m2 of production facilities. This means that when our customers order a glass carrier rack, we build the rack from scratch to achieve a 100% fit to the van.


Tekimex supplies to the European market and we are aiming to provide products of the highest standard.


We exist because of satisfied customers and it is our desire to provide a reliable and satisfactory experience every time.


We honour our agreements and treat our customers, employees, suppliers and partners with respect and courtesy.

Tekimex International Ltd. places high emphasis on product safety and has been approved by the German safety organization TÜV since 1984.


Glass Carrier Rack from Tekimex on VW Crafter

Tekimex International ApS

Tekimex International Aps

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