Here you find an overview over the most common spare parts for Tekimex’ glass racks. Please always specify the number of the spare part you need. That makes it easier to send you the right part and will avoid potential misunderstandings.


You can send us an e-mail to: about your spare part needs, or contact us by using the contact form on this website. Then we will inform you about the price for the part along with the transportation costs and delivery date. If you need a spare part which you cannot find in the overviews, you are welcome to call us or send us an e-mail with a picture of the part you need.


Spare parts will be available for 10 years at a minimum, and often even for a longer time.


IMPORTANT! – when ordering a spare part, please always specify the number, whicht you find as “Type” on the identification plate, which you can see below. If there is no identification plate, please send a picture of your glass rack via e-mail.


If you are not sure which kind of Tekimex glass rack is mounted on your car, you can find an overview here: Rack type



Overview sparepart numbers

Typeskilt Tekimex glass carrier reck
Type 1 + 2
Type 5
Roof rack
Type 6
Type 62
Glass retainer bar