Glass Carrier racks

Fast, easy and unbreakable Tekimex glass carrier racks

Tekimex glass carrier racks can be mounted on all vans, large and small, with or without loads.
The racks can be mounted on the outside or inside; supplied with or without a roof rack and there are even transportation racks for the inside of the vehicle.
The racks are ideal for safe transport of glass and can be used for all kinds of sheets.
The racks can be supplemented with specific sets of bars and straps for transport of windows and doors. We also have a special rack for type 5 Windows.
The ERGO rack for transporting glass inside the vehicle is a particularly convenient rack, since it can be pulled out.
There are many options, just ask.
Glassrack type 5 Tekimex - VW Crafter

Tekimex glassrack on VW Crafter